10 Best Netflix Shows to Upscale Your English Learning

Top 10 Netflix Shows to Binge on to Improve Your English


Who said learning English has to be difficult? You can make it fun and exciting too. You will be surprised to know that 77% of English learners consider watching movies as a core language learning activity. So, if you love watching Netflix shows and want to improve your English, why not just do both at once! It’s a win-win situation.

That way, the all-time favourite streaming service can become the perfect place to master your English language. So, get cosy under the blanket, pop some corn and get ready to Netflix and upskill.

  1. Friends

If you are “on a break”, Friends is the best show to binge watch. The show explores the colourful lives of six friends (Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Ross and Rachel) in New York City. Its universal theme of career, friendship, love and family will keep you laughing for hours. This series is well recommended for those learning English since the plots are not complex, and the dialogues are slow and nicely paced. And since the language is conversational, you will learn to use colloquial phrases through the dialogues.

This is a great show to get acquainted with everyday speech and sentence construction that are not used often. So, what are you waiting for? PIVOT your English grades to the topic while having a lot of fun.

  1. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory comes with 12 short and funny episodes in each season that are perfect for learning informal spoken English, American cultural references, and everyday expressions.The jokes in the series are often science-related, so be prepared to learn some advanced scientific and engineering vocabulary.

It is a must-watch show if you want to rid of the HEEBIE-JEEBIES that speaking in English gives you. The show has several characters from different cultural backgrounds, so you will hear different English accents. Don’t forget to scream BAZINGA when you see a perfect score in your English assignment.

  1. Lost

Let’s take a break from the sitcoms and give this legendary show some credit. If you ask me personally, this is one of my favourite series. Although some people hated how the series ended, people still cannot stop talking about it. The show will take you on a rollercoaster ride, while helping you improve your English.

The show is about a group of people who tries to survive on a mysterious island after a plane crash. I must warn you that the show is highly binge-worthy. So, if you have work, I suggest finishing them before immersing yourself in the show.

  1. Stranger Things

If you are a sci-fi fan, Stranger Things definitely has the potential to become your new favourite. This horror comedy is set in the 80s. The story unfolds when a mysterious girl enters the life of a group of friends. The show is filled with 80’s hit songs and also has a lot of American slang from that era, which is frequently found in novels from that period.

What makes it a perfect show for learning the English language is that it’s a lot slower and clearer, thus making it easy to follow. This is quite an addictive SCI-FI TV show, so you will have loads of fun while learning new English words and phrases during the show.

  1. Bridgerton

Bridgerton is quite a recent Netflix series narrated by Dame Julie Andrews. The series is quite like “Gossip girl meets Pride and Prejudice”. The show is both romantic and dramatic. So, get ready to learn English from the Regency era with a modern twist. Forget fluent English speaking for the Bridgeton glossary will surely have you speaking like a lady. You will be able to dazzle your English professor just like the elegant gowns of silk and lace from the show dazzle you.

  1. Never Have I ever

Never have I Ever was created by Mindy Kaling. This coming-of-age comedy series is hilarious, honest and full of riveting twists and turns. The show follows Devi, a first-generation Indian American who is exploring an intriguing high school life amidst the loss of her father. The engaging narrator gives the story an extra zing. The story is simple yet has cheeky conversations. So, be prepared to learn some modern lingo throughout the series.

  1. The Good Place

The Good Place is not just a sitcom. It discusses the afterlife in the most interesting way possible. The series causes us to question concepts like what goodness, evil, life and death are. The show offers a peek into the larger-than-life perspective of what modern hell could look like. There are underlying meanings in the episodes of the show. The show is a great option to laugh, enjoy, think and improve language skills.

  1. Modern Family

This special sitcom can make any heart melt while helping you improve your English. In this series, you will find people of all ages ranging from toddlers to grandparents. This is why the series has so many levels of English. Modern Family will help you learn a lot of new phrases and idioms that one can use in your everyday life.

The series features 3 different types of families, and there is something for everyone to identify themselves with. Like all families, they also celebrate special events like Halloween, Christmas and birthdays. These episodes will reveal specific vocabulary related to these situations.

  1. Brooklyn Nine-nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the best Netflix series to perfect your American accent from Jake Peralta, a genius detective & a giant goofball at his core, and his colleagues. Every language learner will enjoy watching the show as the characters speak precisely, slowly and clearly, thus making it easier for every student to understand. However, make sure to turn the subtitles on if you are a beginner.

Throughout the show, you will find plenty of sensitive topics like mental health, racism, homophobia, etc. The show undoubtedly will give you a NOICE experience. .

  1. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is the last but certainly not the least that comes to the list. I have added this show at the end since this requires an advanced level of listening comprehension. So, if you are quick with dialogues and familiar with certain words and swearings, the series will definitely appeal to those who love a challenge. The series sets in 1920 and narrates the adventures of a family of criminals in Birmingham.

If you ask me, it is indeed a true masterpiece of the small screen with breathtaking visuals and staging, a haunting soundtrack. Plus, you get to learn some common Irish and Scottish phrases from none other than the charismatic main character played by Cillian Murphy.


Learning English has never been this easy and fun, and these Netflix shows are living proof. Netflix can be the perfect tool for being fluent in your English and can even provide english assignment help. These shows will enrich your vocabulary in English, which you can use during your English coursework or homework helper. You can pause the episode whenever you require understanding the contest.

So, the next time someone tells you to switch off Netflix, tell them you are upscaling your English vocab. That ought to keep them quiet for some time.

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