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Ever had the experience of buying something you’re a little skeptical about because regardless of rave reviews, it just seemed a little weird? But then it turns out to be totally worth the hype? Well, those gems are everywhere on Amazon, and I’ve rounded up some of the most popular picks below. Best of all, everything on this list is under $20 so you can dive into the world of weird and wonderful products without breaking the bank.

A Kitchen Food Scale That Will Bring Your Cooking To The Next Level

Etekcity Kitchen Food Scale


Take your baking and cooking to the next level with this kitchen food scale that delivers precise measurements in five different units. The handy, battery-operated gadget weighs dry and wet ingredients to help you follow recipes as accurately as possible. Thanks to its sleek, compact design, it stores away easily when you’re done.

These Travel Shoe Bags That Keep Your Kicks From Getting Your Clothes Dirty

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags (Set Of 4)


Whether you’re packing for a trip or keeping your shoes tidy in the closet, these travel shoe bags will keep your footwear covered. The set includes two standard-size and two extra-large bags to fit a variety of shoes, and they’re made from waterproof fabric with a sturdy zipper to keep your kicks secure. Use the built-in handle for easy carrying.

A Nail Polish Holder For Frustration-Free Manicures At Home

tweexy Hinge Untippable Nail Polish Holder


This nail polish holder may look a little strange, but it will make your at-home manis and pedis way more convenient by holding your polish bottle at a comfortable angle. This allows you to dip the brush easily without smudging your nails. The holder also grips any smooth surface, so it won’t get knocked over if you accidentally bump it.

These Stainless Steel Wine Glasses That Won’t Sweat Or Break

FineDine Premium Stainless Steel Wine Glasses (Set of 2)


The concept of stainless steel wine glasses might seem a little odd, but these actually make a lot of sense. They’re double-wall insulated, so they’ll keep your drinks cold, and they feature a lid and nonslip bottom to prevent spills. They’re also super durable and won’t break easily, making them great for camping and traveling.

An Exfoliating Scrub That Will Leave Your Lips Softer Than Ever

Hanalei Sugar Exfoliating Lip Scrub


You might be unsure about exfoliating your lips if you’ve never done it before, but this lip scrub will convince you it’s totally worth it. Made with ingredients like Hawaiian cane sugar and kukui oil, this scrub can help leave your lips smooth and supple after just one use. Rub a small amount on your lips, wipe your mouth clean, and enjoy the softness.

A Meat Tenderizer That Will Change The Game When Cooking Protein

Mercy Shopping Meat Tenderizer


This meat tenderizer features 48 stainless steel blades and a comfortable handle, making it easy to break down the tough parts of beef, pork, and chicken. It also helps marinades absorb more effectively, giving you juicier, more flavorful proteins at dinner. The helpful kitchen tool is easily cleaned in the dishwasher when you’re done.

This Pumice Stone That Can Effectively Exfoliate Tough Callouses

KuuCare Natural Earth Lava Pumice Stone


If your feet are feeling dry and cracked, this lava pumice stone can help restore them to smooth softness. This natural stone gently but effectively removes dead skin from your feet in tough areas, making it great for heels, elbows, and other spots. To clean the stone, just rinse it with some water and let it air dry.

A Body Scrubber That Will Make Every Shower Feel Like A Spa Day

Dylonic Exfoliating Body Scrub


This body scrub is designed to give you a luxurious bathtime experience, using flexible silicone to gently exfoliate your skin. Suitable for use on wet or dry skin, the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to hold. Plus, the scrubber is easily disassembled so you can wash and dry it in between uses.

This Kitchen Timer With 3 Volume Settings

VOCOO Digital Kitchen Timer


If the timer that’s built into your stove or microwave doesn’t quite cut it, this digital kitchen timer features an easy-to-read LCD screen, three volume settings (low, medium, and mute), and two brightness levels so you can customize it to your needs. Thanks to magnetic backing, you can stick the timer on any metal surface for convenient storage.

This Stuffed Burger Press For Takeout-Style Meals At Home

Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press


Featuring a simple yet ingenious design, this stuffed burger press lets you make delicious patties in minutes — just press in the meat, add your filling, and seal everything together. The press creates uniformly sized burgers that look as good as takeout, and the cooking tool has a nonstick surface for minimal mess and easy cleanup.

A Digital Meat Thermometer That’s Fast & Accurate

KIZEN Digital Meat Thermometer with Bottle Opener


Do yourself and your cooking a favor by getting this digital meat thermometer. It reads and displays temperatures within seconds, helping you accurately cook meat, candy, baked goods, and more. The probe rotates 240 degrees to help you reach even the trickiest angles, and the device features a bonus bottle opener so you can enjoy a cold one while cooking.

This Root Touch-Up Powder That Extends Time Between Salon Visits

BOLDIFY Hairline Powder Instantly Conceals Hair Loss, Root Touch Up Hair Powder, Hair Toppers for Women & Men, Hair Fibers for Thinning Hair, Root Cover Up, Stain-Proof 48 Hour Formula (Auburn)


To easily touch up your hair color between salon visits, use this popular hairline powder. It comes in 14 shades to match your hair color and is easy to dab on using the included compact mirror and applicator pouf. The color will last for up to 48 hours or until your next shampoo.

These Cute Mason Jars That Are Great For Meal Prepping

Vuinop Overnight Oat Mason Jars (2-Pack)


Who says meal prep has to be boring? These mason jars are specifically designed to make overnight oats, but they can be used to store yogurt, salads, or anything else that fits. The colorful tops add a fun pop to your fridge, and the durable lid means no spills or messes while transporting. Stainless steel spoons are also included.

An Eyelash Curler With 26,000+ 5-Star Ratings On Amazon

Eyelash Curler with Satin Bag & Refill Pads – Award Winning Eye Lash Curlers for Dramatically Curled Eyelashes & Lash Lift in Seconds (Prism)


This eyelash curler doesn’t just look pretty — it also has tens of thousands of positive reviews for its ability to create voluminous lashes in seconds without causing damage. It’s designed to curve comfortably on the lash line and has an ergonomic handle for an easy grip while you’re using it. Choose from prism, rose gold, and platinum colors.

These Scrunchies That Help Your Hair Dry Faster

Kitsch Ultra Soft Microfiber Hair Drying Scrunchies (2-Pack)


Help hair dry faster with these microfiber scrunchies. Super soft and gentle on hair, these scrunchies help soak up excess moisture after showering, swimming, or spending time at the beach, without pulling or damaging hair in the process. Each set includes two scrunchies in colors such as white, blush, and terracotta checker.

A Coffee Mat That Will Keep Your Kitchen Clean With Minimal Effort

AMOAMI-Coffee Mat Hide Stain Rubber Backed Absorbent Dish Drying Mat for Kitchen Counter-Coffee Bar Accessories Fit Under Coffee Maker Coffee Machine Coffee Pot Espresso Machine Dish Rack


This drying mat works overtime in your kitchen to absorb moisture and reduce bacteria buildup in spots that harbor a lot of liquids. It’s great for placing under your coffee machine to keep that part of your home tidy, or it can be used as a dish drying mat near the sink. The soft diatomite material is super absorbent and can soak up messes in seconds.

This Cuticle Cream That Helps Your Nails Feel Soft & Healthy

Onsen Cuticle Cream


This cuticle cream uses luxurious ingredients to help soften nail beds, including Japanese seaweed, shea butter, and rice bran oil. The brand promises it will start working the moment you put it on your nails, keeping them moisturized without feeling greasy. The tube is also great for travel, so you can keep it in your bag for on-the-go hydration.

A Car Trash Can That Will Keep Your Ride Clutter-Free

Drive Auto Car Trash Can


Tidy up your ride with this car trash can, a simple product that makes it easy to keep messes contained. Made from durable, leakproof material, it attaches easily to the headrest or console thanks to an adjustable strap and comes with trash bags. While it’s great for everyday use, it is particularly useful for long road trips.

These Cut-Resistant Gloves That Keep Hands Safe While Cooking

NoCry Cut Resistant Work Gloves for Women and Men, with Reinforced Fingers; Comfortable, 100% Food Grade Kitchen Cooking Gloves; Ambidextrous Safety Cutting Gloves; Level 5 Protection; Grey


Stay safe in the kitchen with these cut-resistant work gloves that use stainless steel thread to protect your hands and fingers. The unique design is flexible and allows you to stay nimble while cooking with the bonus of worry-free knife use. They’ll also come in handy when grating cheese, slicing meats, or working on projects around the house.

A Simple Gardening Tool That Belongs In Every Gardener’s Kit

Garden Guru Hand Cultivator Rake Tiller Tool – Stainless Steel for Ultimate Strength – Rust Resistant – Ergonomic Handle – Great for Gardening Cultivating Loosening Weeding


This rake tiller tool is simple but mighty — its stainless steel build and three-prong design make it ideal for loosening dirt, weeding, and more, whether you’re dealing with a large outdoor garden or small patio setup. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold for long periods, and its small size makes for simple storage when you’re done.

This Popular Face Cream That Uses Snail Mucin

SeoulCeuticals 97.5% Snail Mucin Repair Cream


A fan favorite on Amazon, this snail mucin repair cream is well-loved for its ability to hydrate and brighten skin. It features a high concentration of snail mucin as well as other nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and organic green tea. Plus, it’s noncomedogenic, so it will moisturize without clogging your pores.

These Portable Chargers To Power Your Phone On The Go

Miady Mini Portable Charger (2-Pack)


Never worry about your phone running out of battery again with this set of portable chargers. With a full battery, each small but powerful device can charge most smartphones at least once. LED lights indicate how much battery life is left in each power bank, and their compact size makes them easy to carry in a pocket or bag.

An Herb Stripper That Makes It Easy To Prepare Fresh Ingredients

Chef’n Herb Stripper


Fresh herbs and freshly cut greens can take a meal from good to incredible, but they can be a pain to prepare. This herb stripper makes it easy to strip kale, parsley, and other greens from their stems in seconds, turning meal prep into a simpler task. It also features a curved edge for chopping your freshly stripped herbs without the need for a knife.

This Sauce Holder For Mess-Free Dipping In The Car

Saucemoto Dip Clip (2-Pack)


Say goodbye to sauce spills in the car with this dip clip that holds most kinds of fast-food sauce containers securely in your vehicle. The clip attaches to your car’s air vents and keeps sauces steady even on bumpy terrain, making it great for road trips or on-the-go meal breaks. To use it with sauce packets, just empty the condiment into the removable, washable ramekin.

These Anti-Slip Gel Pads For Your Car’s Dashboard

SlipToGrip Premium Sticky Anti-Slip Gel Pads (6-Pack)


Hold your cell phone, keys, and other items securely on your car’s dashboard with these anti-slip gel pads. They can be placed on any smooth surface to instantly make it sticky, so you don’t have to worry about your phone sliding onto the floor when you hit a sharp turn. If dust or debris builds up on these pads, they can be easily cleaned with rubbing alcohol.

These Silicone Shields To Cover Hot Oven Racks

LeeYean Oven Rack Shields (4-Pack)


Help protect yourself from accidental burns with these oven rack shields that serve as a barrier between you and your scorching kitchen appliance. These shields fit all standard oven racks and can be trimmed to the correct length if necessary. Available in multiple colors, the kit comes in a four-pack and each shield easily slides into place on the oven rack.

A Hanger For Storing Headphones, Purses, & More At Your Desk

Lamicall Headphone Hanger


If your desk is feeling a little cluttered, you’ll appreciate this headphone hanger — it’s a simple storage solution that sticks to the side of your desk or nightstand and provides a sturdy hanger for headphones, bags, and more. It’s easy to install and can be folded up when not in use so it takes up minimal space.

A Compact Luggage Scale That Helps You Avoid Extra Baggage Fees

Etekcity Luggage Scale


Avoid realizing your bag is too heavy at the airport by packing this luggage scale on every trip. The pocket-sized device takes up minimal space but packs a punch with a high-accuracy sensor that can hold up to 110 pounds. It’s also super simple to use — just wrap the strap around your luggage handle and lift it up.

These Silicone Brushes For Easy Application Of Skin-Care Products

Opiqcey Silicone Applicator Brush (2 Pieces)


Apply face masks, peels, and other products smoothly with this set of silicone brushes. Featuring comfy pastel-colored handles, the soft applicators help you apply an even layer of product without absorbing any of your expensive serums and moisturizers. Plus, the applicator brushes are heat-resistant and easy to wash.

This Shot Glass Mold For Ice Cold Shooters

Fred & Friends Cool Shooters Shot Glass Mold


Great for parties and special occasions, this dishwasher-safe silicone mold lets you create shot glasses out of any freezable liquid — water, juice, or anything else that sounds fun. Once the molds are frozen, fill them with your favorite drink and let the party begin. They can also be used for jello, chocolate, or other moldable foods.

This Nourishing Lip Oil That Moisturizes & Tints

NOONI Korean Lip Oil


With over 10,000 positive ratings on Amazon, it’s clear this lip oil is a fan-favorite beauty product. Made with vitamins A, C, and E, it leaves lips moisturized without feeling sticky and gives them a subtle pop of color. Each oil also features a unique flavor, like appleberry, applefig, and appletea.

This Selfie Ring Light To Brighten Up Work Calls & Video Chats

GearLight Selfie Ring Light


Whether you’re getting on a video call with friends, family, or coworkers, help create a clear picture with this selfie ring light. It clips easily to computers and phones without blocking the camera and provides enough light to brighten up your face no matter what your lighting situation is at home. Choose from 10 different lighting modes for the perfect shot.

This Hydrating Stick That Soothes Tired Eyes

The SAEM Iceland Hydrating Eye Stick


The hydrating eye stick is a refreshing treat for your under-eye area, with its lightweight, silky texture and soothing sensation from Iceland’s glacier water. Formulated to brighten skin and reduce puffiness, just roll it under your eyes whenever you need a cooling boost. Plus, it’s free from parabens, sulfates, and mineral oil.

This Headband & Wrist Towel Set For A Spa Day At Home

Zkptops Spa Headband and Wrist Towels


Feel extra special during your next at-home spa day with this headband and wrist towel set. The trendy puffy headband will keep your hair out of your face and the wrist towels keep water from dripping down your arms while you wash your face. The set will have you feeling all kinds of cute while you treat yourself.

A Quirky Spatula For Getting Every Last Bit Of Food Out Of Jars

OTOTO Splatypus Jar Spatula


This adorable platypus-shaped jar spatula is about to be your new best friend in the kitchen, providing plenty of practicality with its ability to scrape out the last bits of peanut butter, jam, and sauce in a jar. You’ll get the most out of your condiments and, thanks to this cute little guy, you can have a little fun while food prepping.

A Soap Dish That Will Help Keep Your Sink Area Clean

Happitasa Silicone Soap Dish Tray and Sponge Holder with Drain Chute, Pack of 2 (Sand Dollar, 5.2"X4")


This soap dish tray doesn’t need to be fancy to do a great job — its simple design allows excess water to drip away from bars of soap, reducing that sticky buildup. It’s made from a sturdy silicone material that will stand up to wear and tear, and since it’s heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, it can also be used as a coaster for hot mugs.

This Magnetic Phone Holder That Can Be Attached To Your Computer

DK177 Magnetic Phone Holder


Instead of balancing your phone against your laptop screen when you want to use both devices at once, get this magnetic phone holder. It attaches to the back of your laptop or computer and contains a magnetic swivel arm that holds your phone at eye level — just stick the included magnet to the back of your phone case first.

An Egg Yolk Separator That Will Make This Mundane Task Fun

OTOTO Dunk N’ Egg Yolk Separator


Separating egg whites from yolks isn’t exactly fun, but it can be with this egg yolk separator. This playful kitchen tool clips onto a bowl or glass and allows you to pour your eggs into a basketball hoop and separate them in the process. It’s a fun addition to the kitchen that’s really useful too.

This Silicone Popcorn Popper That That Takes Up Minimal Space

The Original Popco Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper with Handles


This silicone popcorn popper is a great addition to any home, providing an easy way to make your favorite snack with minimal effort — just pour your kernels into the bowl, add some oil or butter if desired, and turn on the microwave. The silicone material is BPA-free and the entire bowl collapses for easy storage.

A Scoop Colander That Makes It So Easy To Drain Pasta, Veggies, & More

Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander


Straining freshly cooked pasta, veggies, and fried food can be a bit of a challenge, but not with this scoop colander — it works like a regular colander but has a long handle for easy transferring. Built-in hooks allow you to rest the spoon on the pot so water and cooking oils drain back into the pan. Plus, the dishwasher-safe utensil is safe to use on nonstick cookware.

This Magnetic Pickup Tool That Helps You Reach Dropped Nuts, Bolts, & Screws

VIBELITE LED Magnetic Pickup Tool


Dropping a tiny nail or screw can be so frustrating, but not with this magnetic pick-up tool. The gadget is extendable and features a flexible neck, so it can be used to pick up metal items that have fallen in hard-to-reach areas like behind the couch or under a car seat. It also has a flashlight head so you can easily see what you’re doing.

A Wireless Doorbell With 50+ Chime Options

SadoTech Waterproof Wireless Home Doorbell


For a quick and easy home upgrade, install this wireless doorbell that you can customize with 17 music tones and 35 chime options. The battery-operated doorbell is easy to install using the included self-adhesive or screws and comes with a plug-in chime box, providing a range of up to 1,000 feet.

These Flashlight Gloves That Make Solo DIY Tasks Much Easier

PARIGO LED Flashlight Gloves


No more fumbling for a work light with these flashlight gloves — they feature bright LED lights in the pointer fingers and thumbs to illuminate your project while keeping your hands free. These are great for anyone who spends time working on their car, doing DIY projects, or completing any kind of outdoor task that happens outside of daylight hours.

A Keyboard Cleaning Brush To Keep Your Work Area Dust-Free

APBFH Nylon Keyboard Cleaning Brush Kit (7 Pieces)


Let’s face it — your keyboard has probably seen better days. Tidy it up with this keyboard cleaning kit that features a variety of tools and brushes to help you get rid of all the crumbs, dirt, and grime that has gathered over the years. Not only will this make your keyboard look nicer, but it can help the circuits and vents stay free from debris.

This 1-Gallon Glass Jar That Has So Many Uses

Paksh Novelty 1-Gallon Glass Jar Wide Mouth with Airtight Plastic Lid 1-Jar USDA Approved BPA-Free Dishwasher Safe Clear Mason Jar for Fermenting Kombucha Kefir Storing and Canning, Chalkboard Labels


This 1-gallon glass jar might not seem like much at first glance, but it may just be one of the most useful things you buy all year. The sturdy jar can be used in so many ways, whether you’re canning veggies, making punch for a party, or storing dry ingredients. It also comes with a screw-on lid that will keep all your contents fresh.

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