Here’s how modern tiles can make your home more appealing



As time has passed, a generation change has been witnessed in several fields of human life. Just as preferences in fashion choices, food palates, and modes of travel have changed, so have our tastes and preferences in home construction styles and materials. While elaborate marble and inlay work was once the most sought-after methods of flooring and wall decoration, that genre has been taken over by tiles. Popularised in the 20th century, tiles have gained a lot of traction rapidly. Nowadays, the tile industry has diversified, and instead of a single tile type, hundreds of styles like finger tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, etc. have taken the market by storm. Here, we are going to look at some of the popular styles and check what made them the bestsellers that they are.

The tile styles:

The tile industry has evolved to become highly specialized over time, and generic usage of these tiles isn’t really possible. With that out of the way, let’s begin

  • Finger tiles– Resembling bars of KitKat or fingers, these tiles are used frequently to furnish washroom walls and the splashbacks of kitchens. These tiles are pretty small in size and are very versatile. One of the best things about these tiles is the fact that they can be aesthetically applied in minimalist as well as vintage or elaborate setups. If you are on the lookout for finger tiles, we suggest that you check out the various options that are available on the market so that you can get the best ones that are out there.
  • Bathroom tiles– One of the most prominent usages of tiles happens in this genre. Washrooms, restrooms, bathrooms, etc. predominantly use tiles nowadays. If you are on the lookout for bathroom tiles, you would be truly baffled by the number of styles that are on offer. One can choose everything from wooden finish tiles to stone finish tiles, geo-stone tiles, printed tiles, etc. It is crucial that you do your research before picking up the tile sets since you need to make sure that they line up properly and do not look out of place once installed in your bathroom.
  • Ceramic tiles- If economy and durability are your preferred choices while opting for a tile, then you should definitely consider these ceramic tiles. They are extremely versatile, have a very long life, and are widely available in a plethora of styles and colours. Ceramic tiles can double up as wall tiles, bathroom tiles, floor tiles, etc. It is a good idea to consult with your constructor before finalizing since you need to be absolutely sure about the designs and styles because honestly, you would get spoilt for choice.
  • Porcelain tile- If you are looking for something that has the diversity of ceramic tiles but is finer and prettier, then porcelain tiles are certainly the way to go. These tiles are baked at a temperature higher than what is used to bake clay tiles and have a higher quantity of silica and quartz infused into them. This ensures that they are sturdier while being more appealing. One can use these tiles for a variety of applications like walls, floors, fences, etc.
  • Glass tiles- If you are looking to create a mosaic or an attractive backsplash, glass tiles are the way to go. These are highly specialized tiles with a near-perfect splash and stain resistance capability. They also have a very long life and are very sturdy as well.
  • Marble tile- If you want to spruce up your residence to a new level but do not want to use expensive stones like marbles or granite, then going for these marble tiles can certainly be a good option. These tiles resemble real marble and are baked at immense heat and pressure. They are available in a wide variety of shades like white, black, grey, etc. and the colour veins they exude are sheer class. One factor that needs to be taken care of while installing these tiles is that the lines need to align perfectly, something that if not executed properly, would run the entire aesthetics of the installations.
  • Granite tiles- Another popular natural stone style that is very widely used for applications like stairs and tabletops are granite tiles. They are immensely sturdy and can last a very long period of time.
  • Cement look tiles- These tiles are constructed and used to resemble natural cement getups. They are primarily used in commercial situations where going for real concrete walls and floors would not only be wildly expensive but also very heavy as well.

Final take:

The advent of tiles has really revolutionized the way we construct our homes. The commercial usage of tiles is booming as well and the industry behind them is expanding day by day. Although we would like to suggest that you consult your architect or constructor before picking up the tiles since it is crucial that they fit properly and do not appear out of place once installed. Nowadays, the tile industry has diversified so extensively that there is something for everyone, be it floor tiles, finger tiles, bathroom tiles, etc.

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