I love Vampire Survivors but there’s another game that I’m obsessed with


FOLLOWING the huge success of Vampire Survivors, numerous games tried to copy the winning formula.

However, when Vampire Survivors does what it does so well, it’s hard for someone else to surpass it.


It doesn’t hide the Vampire Survivors influence but takes it to the next levelCredit: Funday Games

This is why we were skeptical of Deep Rock Galactic: Survivors despite how much we loved the original game.

However, Funday Games has delivered one of the best Vampire Survivor-likes to date, and has clearly put a lot of thought into the project.

The team has taken many of the core elements that made Deep Rock Galactic so popular and blended them into this new genre.

Like the original game, you have to dig into the depths, mine precious materials, and fight off hordes of aliens.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivors starts off with the Scout class with three more to unlock.

They each come with different starting loadouts, stats, and weapons so there is a lot of variety.

It’s a strong start, and while people will want more classes eventually, it bodes well for early access.

These classes are kept close to their equivalents in the original game.

The Engineer can access turrets and drones, while the Gunner focuses on heavy weaponry.

This is translated smoothly into the auto-shooter genre, and it feels great once you get your build just right.

Parts of Deep Rock Galactic seep into all parts of Survivors as you mine for valuable materials.

Some of these will upgrade you for your current run, while others you’ll be able to invest between runs for permanent upgrades.

There are some interesting side objectives to help you upgrade weapons and other stats, that help add more variety, too.

All these little milestones make you feel like you accomplished something, even if you don’t make it to the end.

There is also a time restriction on runs, as aliens grow stronger the longer you wait.

This means you have to balance gathering resources and not getting overwhelmed by enemies.

Mining is what makes Deep Rock Galactic: Survivors stand out from the crowd as you can change the environment to suit your needs.

Creating corridors to squeeze enemies through lets you eliminate them more easily, but takes time to do.

It’s adding another layer of tactics to the gameplay which keeps you coming back for more.

We loved how Survivors took the charm and strengths of Deep Rock Galactic and translated them into a whole new genre.

In an arena that so many people are trying to enter, this game is doing it right.

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