The Real Reason Will Smith Broke Twitch’s Biggest Streaming Record

[ Every summer, the Spanish Twitch streamer Ibai Llanos hosts a livestreamed boxing tournament called La Velada del Año (The Evening of the Year). In just four years, it has gone from a relatively small event featuring matches between a few influencers from Spain to an enormous global phenomenon featuring over 20 combatants and a … Read more

Fans Spotted ‘Reputation (TV)’ Easter Eggs In Milan

[ Taylor Swift continued her record-breaking Eras Tour over the weekend with two shows in Milan, Italy, and fans think she added Easter eggs into the performances to tease her next re-recording, Reputation (Taylor’s Version). Fans have been anticipating the album since Swift released 1989 (Taylor’s Version) in October 2023. At this point, she’s re-recorded … Read more

The Singer’s Piano Malfunctioned On Stage

[ Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour continues to live up to its reputation as the “Errors Tour.” On July 14, the singer performed her second sold-out concert in Milan, Itlay, during which she treated fans to not one, but two surprise mashups. However, when Swift began performing a rendition of the Reputation album tracks “Getaway Car” … Read more

Surprise Harry Styles cameo adds to a touching performance

[ A sense of relief rippled through Hyde Park when Stevie Nicks made it on to the stage. After postponing two shows due to a leg injury and subsequent surgery that her statement insisted was minor earlier in the week, it was hard to believe the show would go ahead. But here she was, resplendent … Read more

Stream It Or Skip It?

[ In the two-part docuseries I’m Not Broken, now streaming on Paramount+, Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Melissa Etheridge develops a bond with five residents of Topeka Correctional Facility in Kansas, women who wrote her letters about their lives in anticipation of the concert Etheridge and her band performed at the prison. I’m Not Broken features … Read more

Stream It or Skip It?

[ The appeal of most pop music eludes me, but Amy Winehouse was an exception. She had a voice that could stop the world from turning – a full-bodied contralto that was playful but disciplined, expressing deep, unvarnished, sometimes darkly funny truths about love, pain and self-doubt. The first time I heard her sing, I … Read more

‘The Bear’ Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: “Napkins”

[ Last season, Tina, the beleaguered line cook whose main storyline was her unflagging loyalty to Mikey Berzatto, finally got more to do. She was sent to culinary school and elevated from a person who stirs giant pots of beef slop, staying quiet even in the most high-pressured fuck-you-fuck-off meltdowns between the usual front of … Read more

The New ‘Ethical’ AI Music Generator Can’t Write a Halfway Decent Song

[ Admittedly, our testing artists did push Jen beyond the boundaries of what a “normal” person might ask in a query, veering more toward a “record store clerk” level of familiarity with recorded sound. Cleveland, for instance, failed to get anything good out of a query for “mid-tempo California garage rock influenced by ’70s Indonesian … Read more

Stream It Or Skip It?

[ Just because Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F (now streaming on Netflix) arrives on just the other side of the EDDIE MURPHNAISSANCE (which began with Dolemite is My Name, peaked with his 2021 return to SNL and wrapped with Coming 2 America) doesn’t mean it lacks pop-cultural cache. Think about it: Axel Foley is easily … Read more