Scientists urge action over life-threatening pollution from solar power waste in Africa

[ Recycling activities for lead-acid batteries. Credit: Dr. Chris Kinally. Credit: Dr. Chris Kinally Researchers from The University of Manchester investigating waste management practices for off-grid solar technologies in Malawi have discovered life-threatening quantities of lead pollution from improperly managed battery waste. Common informal recycling activities for lead-acid batteries used in solar energy systems were … Read more

Team develops a way to teach a computer to type like a human

[ An overview of the modeling approach. Credit: Danqing Shi et al An entirely new predictive typing model can simulate different kinds of users, helping reveal ways to optimize how we use our phones. Developed by researchers at Aalto University, the new model captures the difference between typing with one or two hands and between … Read more

New report tackles electric vehicle charging payment challenges and offers key recommendations

[ Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Payment issues can affect electric vehicle (EV) drivers’ charging experiences. EV charging should be accessible, convenient, and reliable, and payment issues affect both accessibility and reliability. Addressing payment issues presents an opportunity for improvements that may speed along EV adoption and improve drivers’ time with their EVs, keeping them on … Read more

Floating solar’s potential to support sustainable development

[ Floating solar’s potential to support sustainable development in Africa by addressing climate, water, and energy goals holistically. Credit: Politecnico di Milano A study, published in Nature Energy, is among the first to explore the floating photovoltaics (FPV) at the continental scale, finding that FPV installed at existing major reservoirs could produce 20–100% of the … Read more

Using sim-to-real reinforcement learning to train robots to do simple tasks in broad environments

[ Deployment to outdoor environments. Credit: Ilija Radosavov A team of roboticists at the University of California, Berkeley, reports that it is possible to train robots to do relatively simple tasks by using sim-to-real reinforcement learning to train them. In their study, published in the journal Science Robotics, the group trained a robot to walk … Read more

Colorado law protects brain data captured by gadgets

[ Credit: CC0 Public Domain Colorado on Wednesday expanded its privacy law to include brain data gathered by the booming array of gadgets people use for feedback about sleep, fitness, sports, and lifestyle. Nonprofit Neurorights Foundation said it worked with the state on the unprecedented legal protection for neurological data gathered by devices not governed … Read more

Russian ‘cyber sabotage’ a global threat: Security firm

[ Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain A cyber group with links to Russian military intelligence is set to become a significant global threat after playing an increasing critical role in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, a leading cybersecurity firm warned Wednesday. Google-owned Mandiant said in a report that it is seeing nefarious operations by the group … Read more

Research proposes virtual-dimension increase of EMG signals for prosthetic hands gesture recognition

[ Structure of the human hand and the prosthetic hand. (A) Diagram of bone structure of the human hand. (B) Overall structure of prosthetic hand. (C) Structure of the index finger and its exploded view. (D) Thumb structure and its exploded view. Credit: Cyborg and Bionic Systems (2023). DOI: 10.34133/cbsystems.0066 The electromyographic (EMG) signal is … Read more

Going ‘backwards’? Whistleblowers slam Boeing safety culture

[ Boeing engineer Sam Salehpour gestures while testifying before a Senate subcommittee. Witnesses at a US Senate hearing on Boeing drew a disturbing picture Wednesday of an aviation giant that blows off safety questions and sidelines critics as it chases faster production and bigger profits. “The attitude from Boeing from the highest level is just … Read more

Control of temperature dependent viscosity for manufacturing of Bi-doped active fiber

[ By controlling the temperature dependent viscosity of the Bi doped materials, the deactivation of the Bi dopants can be suppressed during fiber drawing process. Credit: Rui Duan, Jingfei Chen, Hao Ke, Tianxia Wei, Ke Zhang, Xueliang Li, Xu Feng, Qiuju Zheng, Zhixue He, Jianrong Qiu and Shifeng Zhou. A novel temperature-dependent viscosity-mediated strategy proposed … Read more